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Kodiaks Cubs Club: A great Success!
Posted December 9th, 2017 @ 12:00 am

The Kodiaks are creating a win-win-win situation, team-community and schools, with the launch of the Kodiaks Cub Club and their contribution to ‘Free Libraries’.  There is much more to Junior Hockey than the sport, the team and its players are a valuable resource and great asset to the city of Camrose. The Camrose Kodiaks, proud members of the Alberta Junior Hockey League embrace the opportunity to give back to the community especially when it benefits youth and encourages literacy, physical activity and positive choices.  The players have enjoyed participating at local schools and this year will be much more involved as the result of a new partnership’ teaming up with local businesses and sponsors to launch the ‘Kodiaks Cub Club’ initiative.  This program promotes reading and physical activity outside the regular school hours and leaves no child out.  An inclusive adventure where the only measurement is time spent brings together the impressionable young child and a positive role model in a controlled environment.
It is easy and it is fun to participate!! No student will be left out as both the reading and physical activities are measured only in time spent. Reading with relatives, reading out loud, reading a story book or a newspaper all count as minutes. Playing outside, taking part in organized sports, shoveling snow, and family walks all count as minutes of physical activity. Children with limitations can accomplish their goals doing what they can do. Once a student reaches the goal of 12 hours of reading and 12 hours of activity outside of regular school hours they are rewarded with: 2 tickets to a Kodiaks home game, a “Kodiaks Cubs Club” T-Shirt, back pack, a kid’s meal from Wok Box, a Free student pass to Crossfit Camrose, as well as an individualized certificate of completion. “We want to encourage students to do more than what is required for classroom activity. We want them to engage friends and family; mostly we do not want anyone to be left out,” says Associate Coach Nigel Dube.
“Camrose is a really great community to be part of, our players are welcomed from across the country and beyond and we want to give back. Local sponsors have come forward and stepped up to make this possible!” Dube added. “We really look forward to working with school administrators to find ways to encourage participation.” The launch of this program will not take away from what the players have participated in the past; including school visits, participation in Physical Education, an annual Book Drive, and current reading programs. The team is committed to growing their involvement and within the Camrose and surrounding community, this program is the next step.
The Kodiaks are also proud to announce they will be adding 6 new “Free Libraries” in the community in a joint effort with the Rotary Club to allow people of all ages the opportunity to read. The new libraries will be added to the eight already around the community. “Little Free Libraries” are located around town and are filled with books for people to enjoy without having to pay. “The Rotary club has done a great job of having this available to the people of Camrose, the crew at Zetsen built six more for us to put out in the community. The Kodiak organization is proud to be a community first team!” added Dube.
The program will kick off with 3rd through 5th graders at Sparling and Chester Ronning Elementary Schools.

The Camrose Kodiaks would like to thank the “Kodiaks Cubs Club” platinum sponsors: Midas, Wok Box, Crossfit Camrose, DD Auto Sales, ID Apparel, Rotary Club – Day Break, Business IQ, Zetsen Manufactured Homes.

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