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Committment to excellence!

The Camrose Kodiaks are committed to helping players further their education through hockey, at the NCAA, CIS, and the ACAC level - providing the student-athlete every opportunity to pursue their goals. Camrose Kodiaks are pleased to have Andrea Gutmann as our education advisor. Her background in education assists her in making sure our student-athletes are fully prepared and eligible to continue their education through hockey.

The Camrose Kodiaks actively promote all players to the numerous leagues so that they can achieve their educational goals.

In the Kodiaks history, over 100 alumni have gone on to further their education through hockey - many of them to NCAA programs.

In keeping with the mandate of the Alberta Junior Hockey League, the Camrose Kodiaks promote education with hockey. All high school aged players are required to continue with their studies. Regular contact is made with the high schools to monitor a player's progress and attendance and standards must be maintained to remain eligible to play.

The University Of Alberta, Augustana Faculty is located in Camrose and offers an outstanding opportunity for post secondary education for the student-athlete. All players are required to either continue their education or work in the community.

Scholarship opportunities exist for players through such donors as the Royal Bank, the Alberta Junior Hockey League, and Friends of the Alberta Junior Hockey League.

The Alberta Junior Hockey League has a  Student-Athlete advisor who is committed to equiping players with relevant information and offering objective advice. Only when our players and their families are fully informed can they make confident and comfortable decisions.


The following is a list of players and the year they received a scholarship


Aaron Grosul- Alaska Fairbanks- NCAA
Wyatt Dennis- Mount Royal ?ACAC


Nathan Duncan- Mount Royal- ACAC



Shane Christenson- Augustana University- ACAC
Ryan Rutz- Wisconsin- Superior- NCAA
Tyelr Keller-Augustana University- ACAC
Lee Seimens- Red Deer College- ACAC
Dave Legge- University of Lethbridge- CIS
Anthony Peterson- Mcgill University
Jared Jowett- Augustana University- ACAC
Rob McCracken- Augustana University
Riley Riddell- Bemidgi State- NCAA


Matt Ponto- Western Michigan -NCAA
Jason Kenyon- Manhattanville- NCAA
Mark Robinson- Lake Head University- CIS
Scott Galenza- Iona College- NCAA
Erik Lodge-Lake Head University -CIS
Doug Auchenberg- Alaska Fairbanks- NCAA
Brad Wanchulak- Notre Dame- NCAA
Dalyn Fallscheer- Grant MacEwan- ACAC
James Willis- Manhattanville- NCAA
Richard Petiot- Colorado College- NCAA



Mark Masters- Princeton- NCAA
Taggert Desmet- Michigan Tech- NCAA
Kevin Croxton- RPI- NCAA
Matt McMahon- UBC- CIS
Kyle Jones-Alaska Fairbanks- NCAA
Jeff Craik- NAIT- ACAC


Jordan Chomack- St. Marys -CIS
Aaron Mcdonald- Red Deer College- ACAC
Macgregor Sharp- Minnesota Duluth- NCAA
Dan Glover- Cornell- NCAA
Kevin Mcleod- Cornell- NCAA
Matt Jacques- Lake Head University- CIS
Justin Perry- Findlay- NCAA
Mike Brodeur- Wisconsin- NCAA
Craig Perry- University of New Brunswick- CIS
Kris Kasper- Lake Superior- NCAA
Mark Szott- St. Marys University- CIS
Tim Green- Augustana University- ACAC
Jason Fleck- Augsburg College- NCAA
Darrell Stoddard- SAIT- ACAC
Drew Campbell- University of Calgary -CIS
Scott Stewart- Grant MacEwan- ACAC



Dan Bertram- Boston College- NCAA
Matt Mcknight- Minnesota Duluth- NCAA
Chris Wanchulak- Manhattanville- NCAA
Justin Blacklock- University of Regina- CIS
Richard Hamula- University of Alberta- CIS
John Eaton- Concordia- ACAC
Paul Kautz- University of Calgary- CIS
Ryan Muspratt- Alaska Fairbanks- NCAA


Mason Raymond- Minnesota Duluth- NCAA
Travis Friedley- University of Calgary -CIS
Jason Roberts- University of Lethbridge - CIS
T.J. Fast- Denver- NCAA
Jody Pedersen- Princeton-NCAA
Lee Jubinville- Princeton- NCAA
Tyler Swsytun- Michigan- NCAA
Nick Harsulla- Concordia- ACAC
Andre Blanchette- University of Calgary -CIS



Matt Boyd- St. Norbert- NCAA
David Thompson- Norwich- NCAA
Logan Gorsalitz- Minnesota Duluth -NCAA
Evan Oberg- Minnesota Duluth- NCAA
Ryan Donald- Yale- NCAA
Chris Barton- Merrimack- NCAA
Erik Kroshus- Harvard- NCAA


Brady Cook- Alabama Huntsville- NCAA
Scott Kobialko-Robert Morris- NCAA
Jon Cook- University of Denver - NCAA
Mike Connolly-Minnesota Duluth- NCAA



Joe Colborne- Denver- NCAA
Allen York- RPI- NCAA
Karl Stollery- Merrimack- NCAA
Alex Macleod- Michigan Tech- NCAA
Shawn Ostrow- Denver- NCAA
Andrew MacWilliam- University of North Dakota -NCAA
Colin Dueck- Yale- NCAA
Jesse Todd- Merrimack- NCAA
Owen Chatwin- Manhattanville- NCAA
Dean Petiot- Bowling Green- NCAA
Andre Herman- Concordia- ACAC


Dylan Olsen- Minnesota Duluth- NCAA
Dave Jacobsen- NAIT- ACAC
Jeremy Biernes- Augustana University- ACAC
Nigel Dube ? Minot State University ? ACHA



Nolan Kaiser- Alaska Fairbanks- NCAA
Ben Gallacher- Ohio State-NCAA
Erik Slemp- Alaska Fairbanks- NCAA
Tom Kroshus- Princeton- NCAA
Brad McConnell- Dalhousie- CIS
Clayton Jardine- Merrimack- NCAA
Matt Wray- UBC- CIS


Sam Jardine ? Ohio State ? NCAA
Jonathan Lashyn ? Merrimack ? NCAA
John Lidgett ? Colgate ? NCAA
Tanner Dion ? University of Wisconsin Superior ? NCAA
Cole Wilson ? University of British Columbia ? CIS
Dalyn Flette ? Mount Royal University ? ACAC
Brooks Myers ? Mount Royal University ? ACAC
Tyler Jewitt ? Mount Royal University ? ACAC
Kenny Bradley ? University of Alberta - Augustana Campus ? ACAC
Tyler Skauge ? University of Lethbridge ? CIS
Luke Challier ? Manhattanville College ? NCAA



Craig Bokenfohr - RPI - NCAA
Ross McMullan - St. Lawrence University - NCAA
Landon Kadatz - SAIT - ACAC
Brayden Hopfe - SAIT -ACAC      


Rylan Wiest- University of Calgary

Tanner Macmaster- University of Quinnipiac - NCAA

Nolan Marshall-Manhattanville Valiants - NCAA


?Luc Vandale- Nait

Connor Mailey- Arizona State - NCAA

Matt Waseylenko- MacEwan University

Spencer Kryczka- Princeton- NCAA



Ryan Huolt- Red Deer College

Ryker Leer- University of Alaska- NCAA

Devin Mcdonald- Geneseo University- NCAA                                                                                              

Cole Mcbride- Merrimack College- NCAA

Brett Njaa- MacEwan University ACAC

Adam Wheeldon- Concordia University ACAC

Valik Chichkin- SFU


TJ Brown- Quinnipiac University- NCAA

Nelson Gadoury- University of Alabama in Huntsville- NCAA

Tyler Morrison- MacEwan University ACAC

Cam Gotaas- MacEwan University ACAC

Trevor Costello- RDC ACAC

Stefan Danielson- MacEwan University ACAC


Jack Thomas- St. Norbert College- NCAA

Joe Tambacso- University of Alberta Augustana Vikings- ACAC

Patrick Gora- NAIT -NCAA

Jack McCool- Williams College- NCAA                                                                                                                                                        


Nic Correale - MacEwan University ACAC

Ryan Hartman - MacEwan University ACAC

Matt Dykstra- NAIT ACAC

Ryan Mckinnon- MacEwan University ACAC


Zac Vinnell - Merrimack College - NCAA

Jacob Kendall- Niagara University-NCAA

Kyler Kupka- St. Cloud University-NCAA

Carson Welke- Albertus Magnus- NCAA

Mckenzie Welke- Albertus Magnus-NCAA

Kyle Dumba- SAIT-ACAC

Dylan Williamson-SAIT-ACAC

Cale Chalifoux- MacEwan University- ACAC


Cody Laskosky - RIT- NCAA

Erik Miller- Red Deer College- ACAC

Robert Kincaid- University of Maine- NCAA

Carson Welke- SAIT -ACAC

Mckenzie Welke- SAIT-ACAC


Connor Gourley - ASU-NCAA

Carson Brisson- Denver-NCAA

Lynden Grandberg- Brown-NCAA

Lane Brockhoff- Niagara Unicersity -NCAA


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