Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Liaison

Andrea Gutmann takes on the volunteer position of: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Liaison
For the past few years the Kodiaks have been wanting to implement a new position in the organization and with Covid putting a curve ball into things we had to wait a few years.
Our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Liaison is Andrea Gutmann. We intend to apply a diverse lens to everything we do and will embed the best-practices possible. We could not have found a better person to lead us into the future in this position. I am so excited to see us as an organization move forward and can not wait to see all of the things that will be happening for us. Andrea and her family are a huge part of the Community and the Kodiak organization.
When you see her around town or at the games, you will know who this amazing lady is and she is our E.D.I Liaison! Welcome Andrea and family!