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Welcome Clayton!

May 17th, 2019 @ 10:01 am

Boris Rybalka comments:"It has been a great 20 years as Head Coach and winning a National Championship in 2001 but today is a great day as a new era begins! We have hand picked Clayton to be our new Head Coach of the Camrose Kodiaks. I am extremely excited to have Clayton as our first Head Coach since 2001. He is loyal,trustworthy and a great communicator and teacher of the game of hockey.  Clayton is going to be very successful as a coach and I will be sharing all of my knowledge with him to make him the best. I will continue as GM and stay on as an associate coach to have stability as we develop and mentor our assistant coaches. Clayton knows what it is to be a Kodiak as he came to us as a 16 year old and became our captain and led us to two RBC Cup appearances. Clayton attended Merrimack College in the NCAA Division 1 and brings a wealth of contacts becasue of that.This past year Clayton was named the Coach of the Year in the SJHL with the Kindersley Klippers and now he comes home to Camrose and I could not be more ecstatic that he is here." Welcome Clayton and your great family back to Camrose.

  Jardine  states: "I have learned so much in my four years of coaching and I am very grateful for my time in Kindersley and at New England College, that has led me here. I look forward to reconnecting with old faces, and becoming a part of the community".

"I am honoured to be the second head coach in the past 21 years, and I am very aware of the responsibility that comes with the title. I am excited to start filling the big shoes behind the bench and continuing to grow the culture that has been established in Camrose since 2000"

" I would like to thank Boris for trusting me with the job and I look forward to working along side him daily".

To contact Clayton you may call him on his cell at: 306-430-7998

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