2001 National Champions / 2001, 03, 05, 07-08 AJHL Champions

Thank you Dawn and Tony! You are amazing

The Mucciarone Family is today’s

AJHL Billet Spotlight! Tony and Dawn have been billets for the

for 12 years and currently host Noah Alvarez and Blake Green! Thank you Dawn and Dr Tony Mucciarone for all that you do for the Kodiaks!

How long have you  been billets? We have been billeting for 12 years and Tony has been the team Doctor for the Kodiaks also!

Why do you billet? We started billeting when our kids were graduating and moving out. We were not ready for an empty house so I enquired about billeting when I ran into a volunteer at the grocery store one day: In no time at all we had someone else’s child living in our home!

Watching these young men strive to improve themselves, both on and off the ice is encouraging. Being a safe, non-judgmental place to land at the end of the day is what we have worked to provide to our “boys”. Some years we have had three billets in our home but usually it is two.

This is our last year in Camrose and we will certainly miss being involved with this organization, and having “boys” laughing and horsing around in our basement.