2001 National Champions / 2001, 03, 05, 07-08 AJHL Champions

Meet the Millers

We are the Millers and our family is made up of Dad Steve, Mom Jocelyn, and girlies Everly and Reiss.
This is our first year billeting and we chose to billet as we are new to Camrose and thought it would be
an incredible way to both immerse ourselves into our city and also to give back. We also chose to billet
to give our children a positive role model and a big friend. As a teacher, I (Jocelyn) have seen the
incredible power that comes from an athlete volunteering their time in the community. I wanted to
enrich Reiss and Everly’s school. Ultimately we had room at our table and in our hearts to add to our
We have been given a chance to billet Lucas Lemieux this season. We had many hopes for our time as a
billet but he surpassed our expectations. He is an incredibly responsible, morally strong, academic, kind,
empathetic, fun young man that has made our lives easier and has brought incredible amounts of joy to
our home. Our children have learned so much from him already about passion, hard work and following
your dreams. He is an example to our children that there are no barriers hard work can’t overcome.. He
helps the girls with homework, chores and makes all the extra time more fun. From day one, he was a
part of our family.
We have also had the added bonus of meeting Lucas’s family – another true gift and a friendship that will
last our life time.
We may be brand new billets but we are incredibly proud ones and beyond thankful for this opportunity
to billet a Camrose Kodiak player.